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Don't be mastered by cravings

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Why Practicing Servant Leadership Is Such A Huge Challenge In Jamaica

Practicing servant leadership is a massive challenge to the Christian community globally. By using examples in your cultural context why would you say is it such a huge challenge and what are the obstacles in the way to live or practice servant leadership in your community? During the last quarter of 2008, I was approached by the director of spiritual affairs at the Jamaica Theological Seminary with a question that caused me to reflect deeply for many days.The resulting reflection troubled me immensely.The theme chosen for Seminary for the academic year 2008 – 2009 was “Servant Leadership: The way up is down.”I was asked by him to help him identify local pastors who embodied servant leadership to be invited to speak at the chapel sessions throughout the year.Immediately I realized that I had been asked a very difficult question because by all stretches of the imagination I was hard pressed to identify such leaders.This led me to seriously ponder why is it that there are so few servant…