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Christ In The Ghetto...Flowers Garden

I pushed open the zinc gate, there they were. Two boys without shirts, and a cute little girl. She smiled brightly as she saw me and I called to her. He was nowhere in sight, then out of nowhere he appeard behind me, with a knife in his hand... and in the other a flower cutting that he had acquired from one of the neighbours.

His scarred face lit up as he saw me, "Wow superintendent, you come see me busy man!" He had gone in search of more flowers to add to his garden. To the unsuspecting passer by, it would seem as though some meticulous granny with nothing but her precious memories lived there.

There where once was the haunt of men that would scare a demon from hell at night if he crossed their path. Men who can loan and shoot a rifle before you could say run! Men who blew sensemilia smoke in circles and rings like an international truck struggling Mt. Rossa. Men who knew no easy life, men who never expect to live pass 21.

Now the yard is brimming with flowers that he…


Two friends were walkingthrough the desert.During some point of the journey, they had anargument; and one friendslapped the other onein the face.

The one who got slappedwas hurt, but without saying anything,wrote in the sand:today my best friendslapped me in the face.They kept on walking,until they found an oasis,where they decidedto take a bath the one who had been slapped got stuck in themire and started drowning,but the friend saved him.After he recovered fromthe near drowning,he w rote on a stone:"today my best friendsaved my life ".The friend who had slapped and saved his best friendasked him, "after i hurt you,you wrote in the sand and now,you write on a stone, …

Christ In The Ghetto

The Spirit of the Lord God, YHWH, was upon Him. The Spirit anointed (empowered, consecrated, designated) Him to preach good things, good news, news that would make them skip for joy. EXTra EXta EXtra read all about it. A land of people who lived in darkness, where not even dogs roam the street at nights for the instincts have taught them that their woof woof tail wagging friends went outside, there was a loud noise and spot lay on the ground, not moving not even a whimpher. A land barricaded, lanes narrow and dark, lined with rusty zinc... covered with a dark darkness. A darkness that enveloped them in a soul clenching, biting grip.

Devoid of the voice of God, reminiscent of the darkness which existed in the begining. Oh the joy that fills the soul when this good news enters the heart. For it is not a news that is new, it has rang out from the 'modda' with head wrapped and bell clanging and word King James version in her hands in the square at 'four roads', up the avenu…
“Your Finest Hour”
Luke 1: 26 – 38

Joseph Joshua Gideon Esther Samuel David Solomon Josiah Jeremiah Timothy Titus…

The unnamed ones: the servant girl of Naaman, the one whose fish and bread fed the multitude.

What do they all have in common? Youth used in God’s redemptive plan

Some of the world’s greatest accomplishments have been done by young men and women. Alexander the Great became king before he was thirty years old. Hitler and Mussolini built their power on the dedication and energy of young people. Today, Communists make their strongest sales pitch to youth, because they know of the influence and dedication of the young.

Historic commentators place Mary at about age 16 – 18


Mary was able to keep herself pure [private and public, virginity highly valued then, less now, media exposure]

65% of all H.S. C…

I surrender All?

I surrender everythingt to you.
Do I? Really now. At best this can be my aspiration; my constant striving after. Oh take me to that place Lord. Lord; your very name demands total surrender! Can I truly call you Lord? Am I a hypocrite? A play actor? A whitewashed sepulchre . prettily decored on the outside but inside is nothing but filth, deadness, rotteness uglyness, stench, stink, decay. Help me master to clean both the outside n inside of the dish. Here is my life Lord. You know my heart's desire is to follow hard after you, though following after you is hard; help me to keep pressing on. The flesh almost brought me to the ground. Almost in so far as I didnt remain grovelling in the dust, wallowing in the mire...