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A Religious and Ethical Perspective On Sexuality

“A Religious and Ethical Perspective On Sexuality”A Redemptive and Integrative ApproachThis paper seeks to take a redemptive and integrative approach to a religious and ethical perspective on sexuality.This is deemed necessary because there is a wide perception that all the religious fraternity and religiously informed ethicists has to bring to the table on this matter is a prohibitive stance of “Thou Shalt Not!”Admittedly the religious community has played it own part in the ‘demonisation’ of sexuality.The Puritans with their very best intentions who went as far as to instruct that if either partner made the slightest sound during intercourse that would indicate they were experiencing pleasure the silent part was to report that person to the clergy and the staunch dogma of ‘procreation only’ approach in other religious quarters of today serve as examples this demonization.I wish to affirm that human sexuality is very much a part of God’s creation as is the circulatory system or the n…

Of Confessions and Betrayals

The Jamaican press has spent some amount of time reporting on the confession of the Police Officer who confessed to fabricating evidence a few years ago in a murder investigation and trial. The move was prompted by the officer becoming a Christian. For his actions he has been branded as a traitor and a breaker of the code of silence which apparently officers take in training that they will stand by their word once given ( irrespective of the veracity of that spoken word). it would seem that he has become somewhat of a pariah among some of his colleagues. Something just strikes me as being very wrong about all of this. I shared a few thoughts on the matter in the gleaner

We have a culture in which those who take a stand for justice and what is right are held up as the trouble makers, the bad ones, the informers. Criminality thrives and flourishes in that kind of environment for the criminals even count on the silence of the people. I say that there is the need for much more of t…