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What Steve Jobs Taught Us

Being the charismatic leader behind the apple conglomerate can be described as perhaps one of the most dauntingly irreplaceable position ever. The man and the mind were both unfathomable and complex.
However all would agree that Steve Jobs was a committed and driven individual who only sought to seek the best always and expected the same from those around him. What we can all learn from him is right here.


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The church as the basic ecclesial community, a servant and a prophetic community

From a public theology (Caribbean Theology) perspective, the mission of the church is shaped by the understanding of the mission of the disciples as Jesus said it in the Sermon on the Mount…Choosing the metaphors of salt and light from ordinary life in reference to the believer cements the focus on what concerns the ordinary member and what shapes the overall impact of the witness of the church in its context. 
This is of profound relevance to the church in general, but particularly so to the Caribbean church for there is a sense in which we have inherited a system of church that elevated ministry to the ranks of the clergy alone.  The idea of every member as a minister has been slow to catch on, but it holds the key to greater impact on the society because the ordinary member is everywhere in the society. If and when the ordinary member becomes as pervasive as light and as penetrative as salt then much more will be achieved.  Could it be that this is part of unraveling the mystery of…

Keyword Trading With Qkadoo

We are making money in qkadoo buying and selling keywords!!! Facebook cost 50 cents to the first Qkadoo member who bought it. Now (May 7, 2014) it is like $124. Someone made some big cash there. Google started at 50 cents. At the time of writing the owner had  it at around $33. It will definitely go up in price and someone will buy it

Okay to simplify how it works. 

 How Much Do I Make On Keywords?
There are many ways to earn once you own a Keyword.

1. Another member can buy your KeyWord from you and when they do you automatically will get a minimum 15% premium. Example: You bought your KeyWord for $10. They must pay you at least $11.50 to take ownership away from you.

2. When someone links a website to your KeyWord you get 50% of the amount paid.Example: A person pays $6 to add their website to your KeyWord. You will be paid $3.

With Qkadoo, the percentage is 30% and not 15%. So mo money here!
Also I don't know the percentage for linking to your keyword but it could be 50%,.


how to earn income while you sleep


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1. How do I make money with GlobalAdShare?
GlobalAdShare is an advertising platform that provides…