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Work Smart and Live Smart in all 360 Degrees of Your Life

Do you ever wonder if all the choices in your life were the right ones for you? I have asked myself a lot throughout my years and sometimes reflected on the what if’s and found the more I reflected on the “What could have beens” the more I felt unsure about my choices that I did make. There was a time that I would not let go of the bad choices I have made. I would dwell in the past to a point I would almost make myself physically ill. I had several “brass rings” thrown at me that I passed up. I was handed a modeling contract back in the late 80’s that I declined because my “boyfriend” at the time did not want me to travel. I gave up an opportunity to study at Juliard School of Music because my mother was afraid for me to live in New York City at such a young age. I gave up a chance to submit a recording to Columbia Records because I was scared. I gave up a lot of things in my younger years because I was either too afraid to face the challenge or was too busy making everyone else happ…