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Blogging to your wallet

By now you've probably heard of blogging, or a blog. It short for weblog. A simple way to get your ideas online, to have a small and simple website (though some persons have very complex blogs). Google has an excellent free blog service (which is what I am using right now) So I started blogging about a year ago, I have like five different blogs. As I continued to learn about internet marketing I joined some safelists to advertize my affiliate sites. One day I received an email telling me of how I can make money by posting to my blog. The link led me to Advertizers are willing to pay posters to write about their products, and services, using their guidelines and once you meet these guidelines you are paid into your paypal account. This is what the payperpost advertisments look like: blog network So of course I was all excited about this but it took me almost a year of resubmitiing blog site after blogsite till I satisfied the requiremen…