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Truth On A Scaffold

Truth On A Scaffold
Article Published: Sunday, May 16th, 2010
(Open letter to the Prime Minister)

As pastors and citizens we cannot any longer be silent publicly about the social reality of Jamaica. Right now we see truth on a scaffold and justice in the gutters.

Confessedly, we have been for too long slumbering as Evangelical pastors. But as the ugliest of criminal event invade, surround and threaten to destroy us physically and socially and spiritually we had prayed and hoped for years to see dramatic, positive and practical action from the political leadership.

However, Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding last Tuesday in Parliament stirred us deeply. After listening carefully and intently to him we have come to see that his understanding of truth and justice are not redemptive for Jamaica.

When many saw him as returning to his senses and so to his party, they considered him qualified in a time of crisis to lead his party and to lead the nation. Some Jamaicans were surprised at his elec…