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Reconciliation Series Pt. 1

It is still much in order to express celebratory tones of congratulations to Jamaica, the place that I have made my home since 1998 and had always admired from my primary school days on her Jubilee independence anniversary. 

When the noise of the proposed celebrations began to increase in decibels earlier this year two things jumped out at me like a compressed spring suddenly released. One was the question of the extent to which the church in Jamaica would find in this year's celebration an occasion to connect the dots of history for her youth members and adherents in a context where everything about the way their world is ordered elevates the here and now.  The other was the palpable silence of the church on the usage of the term jubilee and the attendant mass ignorance of her constituents to the depth and superlative implications for life in community that this Hebrew concept and practice implied.

It was therefore with intense joy that I learned of the plans and subsequently sh…