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Biblical Algebra

The Psalmist opens the song book with words that are very common, blessed is the man who doesn't walk in the counsel of the ungodly or seats among the wicked. I was helping a student prepare for the 2007, CXC math exam today when I had to smile as I saw some algebra in light of Scripture.

I was saying to the student that negative multiplied by negative comes positive. But this is not true in terms of humans , cause two negative people with negative attitudes and behaviors tend to propograte badness, they tend to produce more wickedness.

Next we looked at the algebraic theory that negative multiplied by positive gives negative. This I see to be true, more often than not someone who has a positive outlook hangs around someone with a positive attitude and behavior and it is the positive person who ends up being corrupted. Good cop...bad cop, the bad ones today started out very good in most cases.

I dont want to stretch this too far but it made me remind myself that we need to be ve…