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Crossed Passion, Overlapping Wires

Crossed Passion, Overlapping Wires“Yesterday for the first time, I engaged in lesbian sex.I was part of sex party with four other girls.I know it is wrong but I enjoyed it so much and I want to keep on doingthis for now.Please do not pray for me. Some 5th form girls at my school have been making passes at me for some time now and I have always been rejecting them but now I am one of them.” When I was at college there were many lecturers and fellow students who somehow came to me and told me that they felt that they could confide in me that they were having homosexual struggles.I then told them that we were in the same boat.Many times they would invite me over to their office or their homes so that we could share and pray together for our struggles.It always turned out that that was their way of trying to lure me there in the hope that we would have sex.After all these years, I tried talking to my pastor about it, I have been to counselling and nothing is helping.I do not want to be th…