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SEO Tips for beginners

Having been out at sea for years I am pleased to release this post about good SEO tips for beginners.  Consider this quote, ""Good SEO starts with the ability to implement it. You can have the best content and technical optimization, but if it takes you one year to roll out changes, the battle is lost." - Kevin Indig, SEO Ninja at Atlassian

Tip number 1: Link Internally
Internal linking is a common practice in which a site links to other blog posts or articles on the website. Leveraging this practice will help to lower bounce rates and keep time on your site high, which can effectively boost pages in the SERPs.   For external back links I recommend you check out this page: HOW TO GET MORE QUALITY BACKLINKS Click HERE  to get 11 more great tips that will make this super easy because they are seo tips for beginners.  Enjoy.