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Ward 6

Ward 6, university Hospital of the West Indies, men who have some kind of urological related surgery. Men with all kinds of tubes and bags attached to their sides, men with the hands strapped to a bed (and no its not some kind of dominatrix movie)- strapped because if their hands are left free the nurses would have to be re inserting the tubes, needles and bags upon each visit (unfortunately these visits are few and far between so there may be a higher mortality rate if their hands are not strapped).

What is man? Little wonder life is described in breif terms in Scripture, a vapour, a aswift runner, a morning mist, a breath... Life hangs in a precarious balance. Hanging by thin threads at times.

There seems to be an increase in the number of urology patients thaat are being seen. My presence at Ward 6 was to visit a man who in a few days faces a penile amputation, after Tuesday of next week he will be John less, minus his willy, he wont have a tea pot, his anaconda or what's le…

Dutty Collage

When I was much younger, growing up as a young Christian my church ( a trinitarian pentecostal) held regular open air crusades. One of the favorite choruses had these words, "I'm going on towards my mark, towards my goal... so many lives depend on what I do, give me the strength Lord, I'm going on for you."

How often does this pride defying and back to reality realization hit you? That what you do can and will affect so many lives? I came across two items today that brought this painfully home to home to me. One was an email with a link for a video entitled "Because The Children Are Watching"

Take a look at the movie (I hope the link works for you).

The other was an article in the Wednesday Star ( Click on the title of the article posted here)- by Blacka, Jamaican comedian, in his column " Blacka's Box)- If you cant get a hold of the star or find it online then please send an email to: hit-me-back@hotmail. com and ask Blacka to email the article t…

The Demon of The Ghetto

The more I look at it, the more I think about it, its the more I realize that one of the most wicked systems that has been created in Jamaica is the system of the ghetto. The ghetto is more than a geographical location. It is a system of behavior, a system of thinking... the physical attributes of this system are mostly easier to deal with than the philosophical aspect of it.

It's easir to have to see people in sub human conditions than to see people who seem to be comfortanle and content to remain in subhuman conditions because it is a ticket to a few dollars from some weak and corrupt politician. It's easier to see persons without a job than to see persons who don't want to work for a certain pay, even though they have neither the qualification, experience of know how to get a bigger pay.

I am simple not convinced that the powers that be or some of the people of this ghetto want the label of ghetto and the reality of ghetto to be removed from here. There seems to be a …

Get Off The Bus!

A dear friend of mine lost a male relative in tragic circumstances recently. He was part of the crew on a JPS (light and power company) truck that ran off the road and fell into a gorge. This man thinking he had a better chance of survival jumped off the truck. The uncanny fateful twist is that he landed on a stone and died instantly while the other crew members who remained in the truck are now alive with relatively few injuries. This is really sad but it underscores the reality that those who are on o a road or path they they recognize leads to death tend to want to jump off that path.

Proverbs 14: 12 tells us that there is a way that seems right to a man but its end is the way of death. Jesus tells us in John 14, that He is the way the truth and the life. Any and every other way leads to death. Isn't it high time some people get off the bus? Isnt it time the unsaved get off the express way and enter the lane? For broad is the road that leads to destruction and narrow is t…