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Heaven Scent

I love colognes. Always been a god appreciation of scents. When I was in college we learnt about pheremones and that fascinated me so much to think that science can mimick the smells our bodies emit to draw a mate. CK One is one of my all time favorites. When I first visited evening perfume I was so excited. I want to encourage the folks over there to press on in this business and one day soon this site will become a household name I hope. Check it out yourself.

Go rustic!

Rustic furniture! wow! The power of the mind is awesome. We hear words now and before even know it they are processed through our recorded brain files. So I hear rustic furniture and I'm thinking... hmmm ornate designs, hand crafted wood work, hand paited steel chairs chairs padded with crochet covers. Furniture that brings you into an era from the past. i visited Scenic Furniture and I was glad to see that my conjured up image was on target, so if thats what gets your blood racing give them a check online. rustic furniture I like the idea of being able to go online and order one of those old grand pa rocking chiars. At rustic furniture I'd like to see that. They have many such items and the list will grow with time, so what are you waiting for? Its time to go rustic!

The collision repair experts you'll be glad you went to

Phew! Boy was I glad I found this: bodyshop serviceNone of us wants to have a collision.  They just cause all kinds of headaches.  And then with all of that we have to ensure that we get quality service, and then we have to enusre that our insurance company will accept the repair shop.  Thank goodness getting all the dynamics to work out has already been done.  The collision repair experts have that perfect blend and more.  Just punch in your zip code and they tell you the nearest one to you.   The website is clean, sharp, easy to navigate.  There is also the opportunity to register with them if you operate a body shop.  The guidelines are there.  An affiliate program is also available.  Hop on over, you won't be sorry. The collision repair experts.

No Gay Gene revises 'gay gene' theoryCharlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 5/14/2009 6:30:00 AMThe attempt to prove that homosexuality is determined biologically has been dealt a knockout punch. An American Psychological Association publication includes an admission that there's no homosexual "gene" -- meaning it's not likely that homosexuals are born that way.For decades, the APA has not considered homosexuality a psychological disorder, while other professionals in the field consider it to be a "gender-identity" problem. But the new statement, which appears in a brochure called "Answers to Your Questions for a Better Understanding of Sexual Orientation & Homosexuality," states the following:"There is no consensus among scientists about the exact reasons that an individual develops a heterosexual, bisexual, gay or lesbian orientation. Although much research has examined the possible genetic,…