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Teddy was tired.
He was returning from a physical which his girlfriend ordered and he finally had given up fighting her.
What the doc had just told him was chilling.
Lose 50 pounds in the next year or you will be dead.
When he returned home, his girlfriend was gone as well.
After years of living together, Glory decided that today would be the final straw.
But why today?
Hadn’t Teddy complied with her wish that he finally take charge of his weight problem?
The fact is that Teddy had no idea what to do.
And he was still 100 pounds overweight and now he was without the woman he loved so much.
Dr. Mudd was a waste.
What was it with American doctors who recommended you lose 100 pounds and then shoo you out of their office.
Were all doctors personality drop outs?

Did they have such a difficult time getting along with others that their only choice, if smart enough, was to enter the field of medicine?
Teddy was depressed and all he felt like doing was sleeping.
He finally awoke in a filthy a…