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Coping Strategies For Teenagers

Trials and tribulations that young men face
·Violence ·Break up with girlfriend ·Problems with parents ·Performance at school ·[Add yours]
 If I Don’t Cope ·Rage/ Violence ·Self harm ·Gang membership
HOW DO I COPE? ·First thing first! If your spirit is sick your whole body is sick ·Remember your creator now! God is a very present help in time of trouble When you fix your mind on God He gives you peace of mind. Those who have hope beyond this life are not miserable
GENERAL ADVICE ·Try to be open with your feelings. ·Spend time with family and friends. ·Volunteer, it is a method through which you can give of yourself. ·Get involved with after school activities Keep your sense of humor. ·Accept others’ thanks, compliments of you, and praise for you. ·Think and plan your future. Set realistic goals. ·Read Read Read ·Do not tolerate physical, emotional or sexual abuse from anyone. Get help immediately. ·Seek help if you feel overwhelmed or troubled. It is okay to ask for help! ·Think It Out It’s…