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A Loving God committing murderous atrocities?

One of the answers that I have gotten so far is that the Bible contains a record of God's progressive self revelation, a record of the development of moral and ethical thought and behavior. Thus at times it seems as if God was once lenient with something and is now being strict about it. I am very aware of that kind of reasoning but my difficulty with it is that it is just that a difficulty. All of that makes very little sense to the man on the street, will this stranger that raised the issue with me be able to understand and appreciate any of that kind of thing?

I readily admit that I am having a great difficulty finding a way to explain that in simple terms for now. What its really saying is that just as God dealt with his people in stages of their own understanding of who he is and who He has revealed Himself to be, and so overlooked some things in man's early days of journeying through life with Him but now that He has culminated this gradual revelation of Himself in …