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Traffic Monsoon sets up bank

Traffic Monsoon has been experiencing steady growth and improvement as a provider of quality organic traffic.   With massive growth comes the need to adjust the sails and set the stage for the next quantum leap.  Here is an update from the owner, Charles Scoville about the plans in place at the time of this blog post to set up its own bank.

"There's another company which used payment processors and sold millions of their products/services.. When they setup their own bank, they became a billion dollar company; generating billions in sales, instead of millions. Sales increased. Their ability to penetrate additional markets increased. They could provide their services to more countries the processors didn't accept sending/receiving money to. The same team which setup that bank for this other company is the same team working on setting up TM World Bank. It's an honor working with these individuals. For the long term, this is going to be a greater benefit for tra…