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Father's Day_An Opportunity For Reconciliation

Reconciliation With Those Who Wounded Us
Series Review: ·The need for all humans to be reconciled to God because of Sin ·The barriers to reconciliation that Jesus broke down ·The need to be reconciled with each other
As far as being reconciled to each other is concerned Jesus had much to say on the matter.  It occupied a central part of his most notable sermon, the Sermon on the Mount: Blessed are the peace makers, turn the other cheek, go two miles, give your cloak also and his most often quoted line forgive us our sins,as we have forgiven those who have sinned against us.
As we examine more of what Jesus and the New Testament writers had to say about reconciliation of interpersonal conflicts one thing becomes abundantly clear.  If it is going to happen it is up to me to make it happen.  The responsibility for seeking reconciliation is placed at the feet of the one who is offended and not at the feet of the offender.  This is a great reversal and is one of the reasons who so few of us a…