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Discipleship: Throws Down Ghetto Walls

Keep going, while you are going, as you go into all the world Make Disciples!!! Baptize disciples!!! Teach Disciples!!! The emphasis is not primarily on going, it is assumed by Jesus that we'd be going, that we'd be moving. In the process we have three commands, three strong imperatives. I dare say that if we are not making disciples we are living in disobedience. We may be just as guilty as Saul (1 Sam. 15) who made a sacrifice but was harshly admonished that obedience is better than sacrifice. Yesterday, Sunday November 22, 2009 I was moved to tears by the thrill of disciple making. Unfolding before my very eyes was the fruit of my efforts. One of my deacons, Delroy Blake gave his inaugural sermon, and what a blessing it was! Almost 7 years ago when I came to ministry in Grants Pen, Delroy was a chain smoker, drinker, gambler, who wanted nothing to with church. Through the relational ministry approach and the down to earth radical approach of Jesus which I have adop…