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Not Buju Banton's Original Sin

In response to the article in the Sunday Gleaner, “Buju Banton’s Original Sin” printer November 1, 2009, written by C. Cooper. Located online here: tend to like reading Cooper because she writes copiously on issues of Jamaican culture inclusive of matters related to Dancehall music, in which I have a keen interest due to among other things the fact that it is through dancehall music I learned most of what I knew about Jamaica before moving here in 1998. The song in question Boom By By was released during my junior high school year and was an instant hit in Grenada. The language barrier conquered by my inquisitive mind and a careful listening of the song, I sang along word for word, line by line with little thought of anything else. Today of course its an entirely different matter.I suspect that the writer of the article chose the words ‘original sin’ as one of the many puns that she used in the article delibe…