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EpxBody Team Review

Get EPXBODY’s VISION Today: At some point, and with some object, we will all eventually begin to see less of it, even though we “see” it everyday. Take this example: You pass by the same painting in your hallway everyday. For most people, life is rushed. Too often our attention is focused on getting to the door and heading out for work and chores. The painting fades and fades from your vision until it simply blends in with the wall paint. Time erases the fact that you were obviously very enchanted with this painting when you decided it deserved a place in your home.
The ah-ha moment comes when one day you and the object again meet square on. It may be a heirloom, a chandelier suspended above the dining room table, or even a photograph of a parent. You stop, stare, get reaquainted, and then realize how strange it is that you forgot the wonder and importance of it . The same thing begins to happen to our marketing focus when we become overly wrapped up in the science of product ingredie…