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From time to time some new song is aired and there are calls for it to be censored. Immediately the preachers of the freedom of speech argument get agitated. There have been instances when the Broadcasting Commission has intervened and actually banned some songs. A recent one was Chuck Fender's, 'Gash dem and light dem.' Advocating harsh penalties against child molesters, rapists etc. The commission claimed that a better lyric would have been, try them and incarcerate them. Fender refused to adjust his lyrics and the song was banned.

In light of the difficulties the JCF is facing to get persons who witness the many brazen, even daylight murders and other acts of violence it seems to me that someone in authority needs to take a zero tolerance approach against artists who continue to label those who talk to the police as informers, and advocate that informer fe dead. The persons wants to see justice and the back of crime and violence broken and is willing to speak out …