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Of Dreams and Visions

Scientist tell us that that once we enter into REM(Rapid Eye Movement) sleep we dream each night, its just that we dont always recall that we had a dream. Dreams can be very very embarassing to say the least and bothersome.

I find that dreams are for the most part a subject that very little is know of. With all kinds of theories as to their origin, interpretation, and meanings. Some have made major life changes as a result dreams, some have become depressed and suicidal as a result of dreams. Some make a career out of dreams.

Dreams have also been used by God to speak to His people, this is quite frequent in the OT in particular. In my own experioence I have had dreams that were very vivid, and shortly after awakening, I was given the interpretation by the Holy Spirit. Other times its not quite clear. This morning I awoke at 3:11 a.m, having had a very disturbing dream. I am still praying through the interpretation of it. I am almost complete in my assessment and it is disturbing as it …

Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Fancy sanctuaries, lofty steeples, clanging bells, air conditioned halls, multi media projeectors and clean sound systems. The churches are doing well... some even will soon implement debit machines so that if you left the cheque book or the cash at home you won't have to worry about not getting to pay your tithe, or make your offerings. Are we really effective? How is that measured and determined then? Are we scratching where no one is itching? Are we barking up the wrong tree?

Recently, I had the chance to minister at three camps this past summer. It brought me face to face with some harsh realities. Many churches say that they are youth focuses, some don't even care that the majority of the Jamaican population is youth, their budgets do not betray the supposed concern for youth and reaching and keeping youth. Its mere lip service if so much. While some are busy fighting for fiefdoms and kingdoms and turfs the youth are dying. Most feel so out of place. With the vast majority…

The Dean of Hurricane University

Hurricane Dean, the dean of discipline, the dean of natural disasters schools? Dean was described by one Weather channel meteorologist as a well organized storm and a text book kind of storm, with very tight circular motion around a very well defined eye, with wide outer bands. He described it in excited tones, then his voice became somber as he all but said that Jamaica could not miss being directly hit by this one. The local ones stopped just short of saying that only God can divert this one. There are many who have buried God, so the very thought of God diverting a hurricane would seem preposterous to them. They would laugh at th every thought. When Ivan diverted, we were told that there was a high pressure ridge just north of Jamaica, which pushed Dean south of us. I wonder what they will find to excuse away the divine hand of God's mercy this time. Maybe there is a permanent high pressure ridge over Jamaica.

Thank you God for watching over us and sparing us in your mercy again…