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Sixth Sense...Led of The Spirt...Death

Have you ever had a sudden urge to do something, something that you had been asked to do maybe... or of your own volition you had decided to do and forgot to do or didnt get to do due to the multiplicity of activities that are oh so important? Or so you think. What happens when the request was to pray for an elderly gentleman? In all earnestness you planned to go and just didnt get to go. Oh there are so many things to be done, legitimate things to be done, all pressing needs. The request came just about three weeks ago... I planned to go, just didnt get to go.

Out of the blues, this week, Maybe Tuesday it came back to me very stronly that I need to go to pray with that man. I planned in all earnestness to go again. Set the time to go and just didnt get to go. Then this morning, or no it was last night, I was told that he died. There has to be a reason, its not sixth sense, its not premonition, it was the Holy Spirit prompting me. Lord I hope he made it right with you... Lord forgive m…

Of Wise Sayings and Us

"You are only young once, but you can be immature indefinitely." - What is maturity? Who determines it? In the natural realm maturity is open to wide subjectivity, influenced by all manner of factors, varied from culture to culture. What is clear is that whatever the parameter used in a particular locale it is frowned upon to be considered immature. In the spiritual realm, maturity is measured against the plumb line of Christ likeness. We were created to become like Christ. Evidence of growth and maturity is the extent to which we are becoming or have become like Christ. Each day we experience many opportunities, many challenges. To hold to the sovereignty of God is to hold to the view that nothing happens by chance, that there are no co incidences. It follows then that each moment of the day we are being taken through experiences designed to make us mature. We learn to love by being tested to hate or to respond in love, we learn self control by being allowed to…

Delayed But Not Derailed

Saul of Tarsus had a destiny. a destiny for which he had been uniquely qualified. A destiny that was characterized by zeal, energy, passion, desire and excellency. A destiny that involved a sharp mind, boldness. Something deep within him longed to serve God wholeheartedly.

His studies at the feet of Gamliliel seem to have catapulted him into a deep recess of the grip of religion. He sought with all his might to please God by excelling in the religion of his fathers, he fought valiantly and unapologetically against the Christians because their message was a threat to the survival of the Jewish religion. Until the day had his date with destiny and he came face to face with the one that he had been trying so hard to please and was unknowingly hurting. His encounter with the living Jesus brought him to the threshold of his destiny. He embraced it gladly, and he became doubly zealous, double brave, double excellent as he finally was doing that for which he had been born.

You too have…